You’d Never Believe What’s Underneath This Charming Farmhouse


When Myron and Teresa Palmer found their own slice of Tennessee heaven in the form of Smyrna’s Bloomsbury Farm, they thoughtfully made plans to build their dream home on the land. While they waited for their home to be built, the couple converted the space above a horse boarding barn on the property into a one-bedroom loft instead of renting an apartment in town. This afforded the Palmers a prime location to oversee the building of their Bobby McAlpine-designed farmhouse and allowed them to create a space that could later serve as guest quarters.

For 18 months, the cozy 600-square-foot loft was home, and Teresa made sure to bring all the elements she deemed necessary to design a space that felt both comfortable and authentic. “I like to mix it up,” Teresa says of marrying her vintage collections with fun modern accents. “There are things in this space I’ve had or collected for over twenty years,” she adds. “It all just came together.”


By layering treasured antiques and vintage finds alongside modern accessories, Teresa achieves a restful space that feels collected and well-curated as each element occupies a special sense of purpose and place. Donning an equestrian motif, Teresa felt it important to keep true to the barn loft’s original use. With warm cream tones and rich worn leathers, she kept in mind that she was also creating a space that would be used as a bridal retreat, and later, a rental property for the farm. “I wanted to go all out and make it a super special space,” Teresa says. “Not only because we were going to be living there—I really wanted guests who came to the farm to have a sense of what we’re all about.”


And while charming accents are smattered throughout the cottage-style loft, Teresa is quick to note she doesn’t have, nor is she, an interior decorator. “I don’t have interior designers, but I follow so many. It’s not something I would ever want to do for a living, it’s just kind of a hobby that I really enjoy,” she says, noting her daughter Lauren, who also lives on the property and owns Bloomsbury Farm, had a lot of input on the loft’s design scheme.


Due to the tight quarters, the Palmers had to make smart choices in layout. An open
concept kitchen and living space feels inviting and cozy, while the creamy white walls and large windows help make the space feel larger than it is. The bedroom easily boasts some of the best views on the farm from the large picture windows, while the luxurious upholstery and leather headboard fashioned from an old
wrestling mat create a dreamy setting to simply exhale. “There was part of me that wanted to put the kitchen where the view was overlooking the property, but I’m so glad I didn’t,” Teresa says. “You can wake up and see the stars or watch the sunset—that room has the best view. Not even our new house has the views that bedroom affords!”

The Palmers now invite guests to come visit the farm and stay in the vintage-inspired loft where they can enjoy a serene and cozy retreat.

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