Winter Whites at Juniper Hill

Juniper-Hill-snow-leaves Text by Tovah Martin /  Photography by Joe Valentine

Soon New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region will disappear under a blanket of white. But for the first gentle snow of the season, Juniper Hill Farm is etched in the definition it deserves.

When their feet hit the ground in the morning, Joe Valentine and Paula Hunter are unable to resist the magnetic draw of their 18th-century farmstead. They pull up their boots and venture out to beat paths and toss grain for their Rhode Island Reds or open the paddock for their Oberhasli goats. When Joe and Paula purchased the 30-acre property in 2000, their vision was to fuse a garden and farm into one thoughtfully blended statement. Since then, many winters came and went before they achieved the ornamental and vegetable gardens that are now meaningfully silhouetted against the snowy farm.