Magnolia leaves and boughs

It’s not that they’re in denial. To the contrary, Terrain sees winter as a creative challenge. They seize the opportunity to squirrel nature inside, designing vignettes of boughs, twigs, and berried branches to admire through your windowpanes. Yes, it is nostalgic. Of course, it is a suspension of reality. But more than a snapshot of a bygone season, Terrain lets winter assume a persona all its own.


When Terrain went for a restorative spin on winter, they were not thinking inertia. Instead, they were planning an onslaught of the senses on all fronts. So, as soon as the holidays fade, they rally their forces for a barrage of hellebores, heather blossoms, terrariums, and twinkling lights. Walk into their domain, and it’s proof once again that winter can come alive.