White on White: Tour This Designer’s Serene Space

White Space Home Tour

When this homeowner set out to redefine his space, he found that white says it all in furnishings and in flowers. Find more intriguing styles in our Cottage Home Style Special Issue!

Being a designer, artist, and author, Terry John Woods remembers a time when he couldn’t see his tabletops due to his penchant for collecting everything from chipped transferware and cutting boards to silver-lustered water pitchers and vintage metal bicycle seats. “I suddenly became tired of living in darkness,” he recalls. And that was the moment Terry edited it all out and whitewashed the walls, furniture, floors, and anything else that could be painted. He swore himself into simplicity—if not forevermore, at least for the foreseeable future.White Home Tour

Terry’s home is all about texture. It couples wood against linen, glassware with wrought iron, tin against cement, and tarnished mirrors beside metal. It was always brilliant and intriguing, but when color was minimized, the dialogue between each carefully selected object and its surroundings gained depth. It was a study in seeing anew. Once overlooked due to odds and ends from the entire color spectrum stealing the show, chipped paint and timeworn finishes throughout the home are now the focus.