Want to See What A “Woodland Glam” Christmas Looks Like?

round wreath above mantel with garland and stockings
Photography by Mac Jamieson

The tree’s ornaments have been collected over the years, many of them given to the family by Matthew’s mother. Using burlap and wood with the addition of a little sparkle, Jennifer calls her style “woodland glam.” A dramatic round mirror above the mantel is propped with a small wreath repeating the circular design while evergreens and candlelight add a finishing touch.

dining room with tinsel on the back of the chairs
Photography by Mac Jamieson

Debra Pharo McCurry, a friend and decorator, helped Jennifer add seasonal touches throughout the house. In the entrance, a collection of deer rests on the window seat in front of the leaded glass. “In the dining room, we tied tinsel wreaths on the back of chairs, adding a little bit of sparkle,” says Debra. A large wreath displaying Christmas cards from friends hangs from the window above the kitchen table.

Bright pink Christmas tree in pink and white bedroom
Photography by Mac Jamieson

The Dents’ daughter’s room also gets a touch of holiday fun. Decorated with graphic wallpaper and colorful details, a hot pink tree and feather wreaths seem right at home.

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