Visit The 2018 Marburger Farms Antique Show in Round Top, Texas

For more than two decades, collectors, designers, and antiques lovers have flocked to Marburger Farm in the heart of the Lone Star State for a show like no other. With over 350 vendors, this antiques fair hosts an array of vintage goods including architectural remnants, church relics, Old-World art, and more.

Here’s a little preview of the type of items you may find at the event!

1 Marburger Antiques
Photography by Caroline Smith

Mirrors and Sconces

A gilded mirror or ornate sconce can create a statement piece in any room. Speak with the vendor of an antique to learn more about it—such as where it was found—and bring a piece of storied history back to your home.

2 Marburger Antiques
Photography by Caroline Smith

Antique Furniture

For many collectors, part of the charm and allure of Old-World European finds is the history. Imagining the churches or chateaus that remnants adorned centuries ago brings visitors from around the world to Marburger.

3 Marburger Antiques
Photography by Caroline Smith

Ornate Candlesticks

Grouping Old-World-style claw-foot candlesticks is a simple way to add a touch of European flair and echo days of old in a contemporary abode.

4 Marburger Antiques
Photography by Caroline Smith

Accents for the garden

Concrete statuettes, popular chateau garden ornamentation around Europe, come in a wide array of figurines, from tiny cherubs to religious scenes to large finials.

Upcoming Show Dates: October 2-6, 2018
Visit The Marburger Farms Antique Show website for more information!