The Unique Features in This Kitchen Are Obsession-Worthy

Photography by William Dickey, Styling by Caroline Blum

Text by Bethany Adams

Designed to be the perfect backdrop for family gatherings, this bright and airy kitchen provides a touch of warmth—even in the middle of winter.

Laurie and Johnny Jordan wanted a kitchen that would accommodate the family get-togethers that are so important to them. “It seems like, at every holiday or family function growing up, everybody gathered in the kitchen,” Laurie says. “So, that’s what we wanted for our house.”

Having lived in a home that was more closed off, the couple decided to create a kitchen with open spaces and plenty of room for their large family. The result was a bright and airy cooking space lined in shiplap and accented with mixed metals and subtle textures.

Photography by William Dickey, Styling by Caroline Blum

Combined with the open nature of the room, wide boards painted a crisp white infuse the kitchen with the relaxed elegance characteristic of modern farmhouse style. A touch of texture can be found in the chandeliers over the island, and shutters on the windows easily let in the glow of the sun while adding an extra drop of cottage charm.

The large island—the centerpiece of the design—features a white marble top that matches the shade of the shiplap while creating a soft textural contrast. Acrylic chairs, perfect for providing seating without obscuring the details of the island corbels, give the family’s children a place to hang out while dinner is being prepared.

Photography by William Dickey, Styling by Caroline Blum

Laurie says that although Johnny is the cook in the family, she enjoys working alongside him, preparing everything from stuffed chicken to taco soup. “This is one of our favorite times of year,” Laurie says, noting that the kitchen sees a lot of soup and cornbread after the weather cools.

And the husband and wife aren’t the only ones to jump into the kitchen. “Our daughter loves to sit up on the counter and help [Johnny] crack an egg or help him cook breakfast,” Laurie says. To keep the counters uncluttered and free for food prep, the Jordans built a pantry area large enough to house their appliances.

In addition to the island, the six-burner range and large farmhouse sink are favorite features of the couple. But mostly, they enjoy having the space to work side by side. “We like to prepare meals in there together,” Laurie says.

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