Holiday Hospitality: Tin Cottage

Text by Katie Wood / Photography by Stephanie Welbourne

This Tennessee shop welcomes guests with the art of hospitality.

In the heart of the South hospitality reigns supreme. And no place showcases the art of hospitality quite like Franklin, Tennessee’s, Tin Cottage. What appears to be a modest cottage from the outside—complete with a white picket fence—is in fact a charming home and gift shop. Shop owner Marianne DeMeyers (pictured above) and manager Birdie Bell welcome shoppers into the cottage they’ve filled with thoughtful, well-curated interior and gift items that are sure to excite shoppers of all ages.

Tin_Cottage_Christmas_Tennessee“Tin Cottage is the conceptualization of bringing back the art of hospitality,” Marianne says. “[It’s about] finding your style and inviting everyone over to put down their phones and share a story or experience.”