Timeless Style With Designer Deborah Hastings

A simple green velvet pillow and green gingham curtains update a guest bedroom with variations of the current Color of the Year from Pantone.

Consider the recent popularity of gray and light neutral palettes. Gray is the color of hibernation, winter. Understandable considering the dismal economy. Our caution about the future was reflected in the safety of that choice. We began easing out of that with spa blue and blush, but then a dignified navy made a strong appearance. Well you can’t have navy without brass buttons, so gold tones in metal accents started to show up. See how this works? So a fresh green makes its appearance. This green is in the middle of the color spectrum, a symbol of balance.

So how can you express yourself without buying new furniture every time your mood changes? I think the most versatile and dramatic interiors have an overall neutral palette with pops of color and pattern. Washable stain resistant fabrics and slipcovers have made a light colored sofa possible in even the busiest households—allowing a new pillow or rug to have a dramatic effect.

“Color can actually affect your mood and is one of the most affordable design tools we have.” — Deborah Hastings

So if you are looking to add a touch of spring green to perk up your home’s interiors, here are some tips. This color is basically just a reference for what’s trending, as Pantone colors are not available to the public. You will find similar shades at local paint stores and fabric shops. Accent color is a suggestion. Make sure you really like something before you add it in large doses, which leads me to the last tip: Don’t paint your bathroom this color. I speak with authority because I did that once and the effect was overpowering. The green tint made skin tones shallow and sickly. Not a good way to start the day! One more last tip, old designers are the best designers because they have already made that “mistake.”