This Home Was Crafted to Gather, and the Built-In Banquette Is Just the Place!

kitchen with wooden range
Photography by William Dickey

Take, for instance, the heart of the home, where the Jacksons chose an unexpected reclaimed wood hood to contrast the Alabama marble and contemporary cabinetry. “We loved the idea of adding history and texture to an otherwise crisp, white area.” Rather than sticking to trends, the couple also selected a pair of timeless chandeliers to hang above their oversized island.

With a neutral palette as its base, the home dresses up or down as seasons and styles change. “Elements like colorful pillows and fun accent pieces help freshen each area,” Jenn says. The living room features a black-and-white hide rug, and in the den, perky aqua prints attract the eye. A soaring ceiling with rustic beams adds to the feeling of openness while a screened porch beckons guests outdoors.

dining room decorated with Christmas ornaments
Photography by William Dickey

When Christmastime rolls around, the Jacksons’ decorating mirrors that of their everyday style—items with meaning are thoughtfully integrated. “We opt for sweetly symbolic holidays. Instead of just filling space, we display classic pieces that we truly love,” Jenn says.

To this end, the Jackson tree is decked in sentimental ornaments, and works of art from wee ones are proudly showcased. From a handmade crèche to winding garland draped in Christmas cards, each of Patrick and Jenn’s additions enhance the home’s overall allure.

“Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, but it has a whole new meaning now that our children—Brooks, Graham, and Charlotte—watch with excitement as we unpack our holiday boxes,” Jenn says. “Our home represents us as a family,” she continues, “and the warmth truly multiplies during this special time of the year.”

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