This Alabama homestead isn’t just for “Farmer’s Only”

Marble Creek Farm

By Linda Wright | Photography by Mac Jamieson | Styling by Yukie McLean

Blame it on the Farmers Only dating website. Jesie West’s first and only click was Matthew Lawrence. Two days later there was a date. Two months later they bought a farm. And four months later they were married.

In 2014, after Jesie and Matthew’s website introduction, the couple bought a 40-acre farm in the north-central Alabama hamlet of Sylacauga and began their business raising chickens and growing fruits and vegetables. That same year, they also renovated the 1930s cottage on the property that Jesie describes as a “farmstead,” a combination of homestead and farm. Their business, Marble Creek Farmstead, which derived its name from the town’s nickname of “The Marble City,” strives to raise wholesome, pesticide-free produce and all-natural meats.