These Charming Front Doors Will Make You Want to Stay for a Visit

Photography by Olly + Em

Text by Bethany Adams

When it comes to welcoming people into your cottage, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful front door to make them feel right at home from the start! From the paint colors to the doorknobs to the surrounding details, these entries prove that first impressions are of the utmost importance!

Dark and Delightful

Photography by Peter Pennoyer Architects

A bold choice on the moody side, a black front door offers a touch of dramatic sophistication to your entryway. Paired with brick or contrasted with brighter tones, this color choice highlights interesting design details—like centered brass doorknobs—with an understated flair.

Photography by Olly + Em

Feeling Blue

Photography by @justices_nest on Instagram

There’s a reason it’s a classic! Blue tones bring to mind summery skies and relaxing days spent seaside. From royal to robin’s egg, the available shades are endless, and they all pair beautifully with aged brass and lush, green surroundings.

Photography by @littlehouseinlondon on Instagram

Eye-Catching Curves

Photography by Loi Thai

Arched doors are unparalleled when it comes to adding character and charm to your home’s exterior. These beauties take it a step further with the addition of standout detailing and windows that allow for plenty of natural light inside.

Photography by Chris Luker, Design by Christopher Architecture & Interiors

Pretty in Purple

Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

A close second to classic blues, lilacs and lavenders are beautiful options when it comes to creating a welcoming first impression. Add a wreath to accentuate these shades’ floral charm, or simply let them shine on their own!

Photography by @anna__cy on Instagram

In the Details

Photography by @hannahscolourfulworld on Instagram

Sometimes, the setting is just as important as the star of the show! Transom windows and similar architectural details help doors shine their brightest by adding a layer of interest and character.

Photography by @skyeoneill on Instagram

Beautiful Lines

Photography by @the.lakeside.home on Instagram

The simple, straight lines of a planked door are the perfect canvas for a pretty color and a few charming touches. Whether topped off with a floral arrangement or tucked behind an arched covering, this rustic style choice lends itself to quaint, inviting cottage exteriors.

Photography by John O’Hagan

Stained-Glass Stunners

Photography by Imperfect Interiors

More than simply allowing for extra light, stained-glass insets inject color and elegance into any front door. Whether a simple design or something more elaborate, this well-loved detail instantly elevates both your home’s exterior and the spirit within the entryway.

Photography by @iamhayleystuart on Instagram

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