The Unexpected Houseplant

Unexpected-House-Plant-by-Tovah-MartinPhotography by Kindra Clineff
Excerpted from The Unexpected Houseplant ©2012 by Tovah Martin 
Published by Timber Press, Portland, OR.
Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Tovah Martin, author of numerous gardening books and articles, gives us a peek inside her book, The Unexpected House Plant, and explains why gardening indoors is a good idea during the long, cold winter.

Wind is gusting at 40 miles per hour, snow is piled 3 feet high, and the highways are closed. Meanwhile, two bright blue blossoms are bursting on the thunbergia, there are some baby blue flowers bouncing on the chirita when the wind jiggles the windows, and the paphiopedilum is still lingering in the bathroom after its debut several weeks ago. Countless amaryllis (hippeastrum) are trumpeting their wares, the leaves of a kalanchoe are buried behind its clouds of sizzling orange blossoms, and the citrus has sent its perfume roaming throughout my office all morning. This is why I garden indoors.