The Season of Snowdrops


Unless you venture out when the ground is just barely thawed, you might never know the glories of snowdrops because their marvels are hidden from easy view. The best way to check them out is with a heavy coat, kneeling pad, and a mirror to look underneath and inside the blooms. Only then can you see the individual markings that define one snowdrop from the next in this incredibly diverse group of bulbs. Gather your gumption and take a look because you might discover a rare double snowdrop—like a miniature cabbage. For those who dare make only one foray outside when it’s still frigid, dig up a batch of snowdrops and bring them inside to enjoy more intimately. The blossoms last long indoors to later be divided up and planted outside. Snowdrops are one of the few bulbs that can be transplanted successfully while still green. Start new colonies to champion the crusade despite fickle weather. A little hope of spring means everything in winter.