The Inspiration You Need to Finally Paint Your Front Door

From charming Dutch doors to arched cottage-style entryways, a front door is your guests’ first impression of your home. So, it’s safe to say that a front door facelift is worth the effort! If you’ve considered giving your front door a fun and fresh coat of paint but are wary of the results, we’re here to help. Remember—it’s just paint! You can always start over. And once you bite the bullet and apply that final coat, we think you’ll be in love with your door’s stylish and welcoming aesthetic! Keep browsing for 8 ideas to help you decide what color is best for your home!

Bold Burgundy

charming cottage
Photography by Jim Bathie

This adorable cottage was hiding beneath aluminum siding when a veteran art collector found it and turned it into a charming home for her diverse collection of artwork.

Barely Blush

This nearly neutral light pink shade is absolutely perfect for springtime. We even love the contrast it provides to the green-painted siding on this home!

Textured Neutral

gray front door
Image courtesy of Ballard Designs

Subtle and quintessentially cottage style, this charming little door has us smitten! The homeowner’s crackle technique added enough interest to result in a picture-perfect exterior that leaves us wanting to see what other beauty awaits inside this home!