The 7 Essential Elements to Country Style

Photography by John O'Hagan, Design by Karlee Bowman

Text by Hannah Jones

Like a hug from an old friend, country style always draws us in with hospitable warmth. The down-to-earth and charming interiors of a country-style house make it feel like home, even if it’s not yours. Luckily, you don’t have to be in a pastoral setting to warm your home with that hospitable touch. Recreate country style in any home with these seven elements of design. To see even more country style, pick up our new Country Cottage special issue!


Photography by John O’Hagan, Design by Karlee Bowman

Shiplap has had a surge in popularity in the last few years thanks to Joanna Gaines, but it’s been around for centuries. We think the key to shiplap is to not overdo it—that’s when it becomes more of a trend. If adding it to your home, place it in a few rooms, not all of them. If your older home has shiplap already, embrace the beauty!

Distressed Paint

Photography by Mark Lohman, Styling by Sunday Hendrickson, Design by Tumbleweed and Dandelion

One of our favorite elements of country style, everyday wear-and-tear just gives a home that much more charm. Peeling, chipping, and distressed paint on the décor is a classic element, even when used sparingly.

Vintage Pieces

Photography by Mark Lohman, Styling by Sunday Hendrickson, Design by Tumbleweed and Dandelion

We think every home should have at least a few vintage pieces, but they’re necessary in country-style homes! Bonus points if they’re heirlooms or have a story to tell.

Florals and Nature

Photography courtesy Jenna Sue Design

Whether with floral patterns or a bouquet of blooming stems from your yard, bringing in the outdoors is essential to create a welcoming home. Open the doors and let that fresh air in!

Striped Patterns

The classic red French stripe never gets old, but almost any striped pattern will fit right into a rustic home. Quick design tip: striped and floral patterns are two of the easiest and most beautiful to mix.

Subtle Color

Photography by William Dickey

One of the most common misconceptions of country style: it’s all white. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Welcome color into your home with open arms. Yellow, red, and green are classic country hues.

Weathered Wood

Photography by Christina Wedge

Painted, stained, or natural wood is expected in a country home. If you favor a neutral or all-white style, a few pieces of natural or stained wood are fundamental to ground the space.

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