Our Stylist’s Simple Guide To the Perfect Spring Tablescape

Photography by Gal Meets Glam

Get bold with your Spring table by mixing and matching fun and colorful patterns. When setting your table with patterns here are a few things our stylist says are important to consider.


Photography by Caroline Gidiere

Make sure to vary the scale of your patterns when combining them on the table. For example, if your tablecloth has a small scale pattern, pair it with a plate featuring a large scale pattern design or vice versa.

Color palette

Photography by @katiearmour on Instagram

We know this is obvious, but don’t forget to consider a color scheme for your table. No need to get match matchy here, just make sure your colors are friends. If you overwhelm your table with a ton of different colors, visually it will lose its appeal.

Be bold

Photography by Katie Considers

Mixing patterns can definitely be a little scary but if you follow the guidelines above, go for it! Pattern will pack a bold punch to your table and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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