How To Style All Your Vintage and Antique Collections

Photography by Jim Bathie

It’s no secret that part of the fun that comes with country cottage style is the hunt for unique, storied wares. Whether you’re shopping at a roadside flea market, perusing an antiques shop, or perhaps inheriting a cherished family heirloom, collections big or small can take years to acquire. In fact, you may unknowingly have a collection that’s been tucked away in storage, just waiting for a fresh life with a little thoughtful styling.

Photography by Jim Bathie

Arranging your patinaed, timeworn treasures in groups—hanging on the wall, artfully stacked, or thoughtfully curated—can make an ordinary assemblage of items feel extra special in a way that looks beautiful. If you’re looking to start a collection, be sure to find something that brings you joy. Whether it’s architectural salvage, vintage cast iron, old trunks, antique typewriters, crocks, or glassware, enjoy the hunt as you create a stylish collection for your country cottage.

Photography by Jim Bathie

Text by Katie Wood

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