10 Simple Tips For Styling Your Porch

Style on the Porch with Deborah Hastings

8. All of the easy-clean surfaces make a better backdrop to the sloshing, spilling, and strong emotions of a fan-fueled gathering. Or, have a movie night with pizza and popcorn to entertain kids without the worry of food under the cushions. Of course, you will want to purchase a television made to be outdoors. Or at a much lower cost, small projectors can be used to project streaming videos onto a flat wall or screen.

9. The view. If your porch is not perched by the ocean, a lake, or a mountaintop with a naturally beautiful view—create your own. The right landscaping can help you forget your neighbors are 10 feet away. It can also provide shade and color. Birdhouses will draw birds that help with insects while the right flowers will beckon butterflies. A beautiful landscape completes the transition from house to lawn. So grab a cool drink and a good book, and come outside to enjoy the best room at your house.

10. Year-round use. There are some great products available to make a porch fun and feasible in every season—not just the sunny days of summer. Sliding glass walls, retractable screens, and plexiglass panels are being used to adjust the exposure and make the porch a room to use all year. So when a space is filled with thoughtful design and encourages a gathering, why not find ways to enjoy it in every season?