Stay at Winterlake Lodge for a Mountain Escape

Lovely cabin in a snowy sunset

Guests come face-to-face with the beauty of the outdoors through skiing, snowshoeing, and dog-sledding and can unwind with massages, yoga classes, and a dip in the hot tub that has an amazing view of the mountains and northern lights—the height of luxury all around.


Owners Carl and Kirsten Dixon, along with their daughters Carly and Mandy, have created a boutique feel to their rustic, secluded resort, including only the best in accommodations and fare. Winterlake Lodge features five guest cabins that are the epitome of cozy comfort and beautiful architecture. Each cabin is carefully crafted with exquisite timber and captivating details such as exposed beams and strategically placed windows, offering a spectacular view no matter which cabin becomes your home away from home.