Our Spring Lunch Menu

Recipe development and food styling by Mary-Claire Britton | Photography by Marcy Black Simpson | Photo styling by Yukie Mclean

Celebrate spring with our spring lunch menu by gathering friends for a light luncheon featuring a variety of salads, and elegant citrus cake.

As spring arrives so do new opportunities to gather with friends and family outdoors and celebrate the gifts of the season. No spring luncheon would be complete without first considering your tablescape. Build your spring table with an abundance of color. Layer brightly hued or patterned scarves over a tablecloth to invoke a light, breezy feel. Plate your meal on an assortment of tableware that adds a hint of fancy to your everyday wares. Mix pieces of your favorite silver and china with more casual pieces from your collections to add an eclectic and relaxed ambience. And finish your tablescape with a vibrant arrangement of spring flowers.

Adding fresh mint, berries, cucumber, and lime slices to a mixture of spring and sparkling waters offers a refreshing, effervescent accompaniment to your meal. We used equal parts Perrier with Lime and spring water.