Small Square-Footage Is No Match for This Kitchen’s Space-Saving Design

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

Text by Hannah Nance

Despite its narrow floor plan, this cottage kitchen feels open and airy thanks to a few simple design tricks.

Though quaint abodes have plenty of charming perks, most cottage homeowners know that they also come with their fair share of constraints—namely in size. But as these homeowners discovered, a few creative design hacks can transform a small space into a comfortable spot in no time.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

The owners of this cozy kitchen made the most of their small space with a minimalist design that highlights the room’s beauty. A large wall of windows invites the outdoors in and welcomes plenty of natural light to open up the room. They also opted for open cabinetry instead of traditional in order to create the illusion of spaciousness. Another key feature is the color palette. Light and bright neutral hues reign supreme, paired with white cabinetry, marble countertops, and light wood accents. The soft, simple tones bounce all the natural light around the space to make it appear even more open.

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

When working with a small space, choosing features that have multiple functions is key to making the most of the room without taking up valuable square footage. Here, a desk doubles as a spot to write grocery lists and a place for meal prep. While many homeowners fear open cabinetry, this couple has embraced it. Rustic natural wood conceals spots and dust, and the family’s everyday dishware makes a simple statement while remaining easy to access. Keeping with a neutral color palette doesn’t mean totally sacrificing bold hues. Introduce rich tones with flowers, fruit, plates, and other accent pieces that are easy to change in and out.

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