Six of our Favorite Halloween Décor Ideas

When it comes to holiday decorating, Halloween isn’t always the first day of the year that comes to mind. But from the front steps to the dining room, every space is an opportunity to express a love of all things All Hallows’ Eve. Here are a few of our favorite examples of homeowners tricking out their homes for a real décor treat.

1Blooming Moon

Halloween decor - black pumpkin
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For anyone who doesn’t care for carving, this pumpkin-based floral arrangement is like having your own personal slice of the night sky.

2Spooky Spread

Halloween decor - tablescape
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Ready for a Halloween celebration no one will forget, this table is set with rich, bold style. Black candles and vintage photographs are the perfect backdrop for an elegantly moody dinner party. (Costumes optional.)

3Raven Wreath

Halloween decor - reven wreath
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The perfect greeting for every trick-or-treater, this is a wreath that Alfred Hitchcock himself would approve of.

4Reclaimed and Rustic

Halloween decor - front porch
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A repurposed propane tank with a wide grin is a jack-o’-lantern that can greet visitors year after year, all while adding a touch of rustic style to the front porch.

5Macabre Mantel

Halloween decor - mantel
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A handful of thin branches is the perfect touch to this mantel display. Accented with a few pumpkins and creepy crawlies in paper form, it’s the ideal space for gathering around the fire and sharing a few scary stories.

6Spooky Signs

Halloween decor - sign
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A hanging sign with simple calligraphy is a great way to make a statement.