Simple but Stunning—Turn an Empty Wall into a Creative Showcase with These 7 Ideas

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

Text by Bethany Adams

Nothing distracts from your home’s design more than a bare wall begging to be filled. While covering every wall with framed paintings may be appealing to some art collectors, most homes can benefit from a little variety. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few ideas for turning the empty walls in your home into opportunities to showcase your personal creativity.

Appreciating Age

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

For lovers of antiques and European style, architectural remnants are perfect for adding character and timeworn charm to any space. Because of the wide variety of pieces available, it’s almost guaranteed that there’s an option out there to fit your wall—just get in touch with your local antiques dealer to start looking!

A Twist on a Classic

Photography by Jim Bathie, Interior Design by Anne Dutcher

Suggesting a painting for your wall may seem like a no-brainer, but this classic choice can be personalized in countless ways to fit any style and space. Look for vintage works with a unifying theme—like seascapes or portraits—for a clean-lined quartet, or mix and match them with prints, sketches, and even maps for a more eclectic gallery wall.

Dishing Up Design

Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

Heirloom china and flea-market finds alike can add antique elegance to your wall. Display a set of chinoiserie dishes for a cohesive collection or opt for something more varied like this whimsical grouping of mismatched plates and silver trays.

Cool and Collected

Photography by Lauren Rubinstein, Interior Design by Kelly Kole

What’s the point of collecting your favorite things if not to enjoy them as much as possible? If your beloved treasures don’t fit in a china cabinet, consider turning them into a focal point, like this homeowner did with her antique European breadboards.

A Tisket, a Tasket

Photography by Gieves Anderson, Interior Design by Connie Vernich

While they may fit under the “collections” category, these woven wonders deserve their own classification! Display functional baskets when they’re not in use or create a permanent instillation with a handful of especially beautiful specimens.

Well Reflected

Photography by John O’Hagan, Interior Design by Barri Thompson

It’s a widely known design tip that hanging a mirror in your home can reflect light and make a small space appear larger, but the frames don’t always get the love they deserve! Regardless of your style, you can find one to fit—whether it’s a gilded, French-style statement piece or something more rustic.

Stitched with Love

Photography by Stephanie Welbourne Steele

Just because textile art is often functional, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get its time to shine on your walls! Let those heirloom quilts in your closet receive the attention they deserve—simply slip a hanging rod through a sleeve attached to the back of the quilt, and voilà! Just be sure to swap out the quilts you display every once in a while to keep them from fading!

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