Simple Seaside Living


When she remodeled the kitchen Brenda knew she needed to get rid of the big overhead cabinets and large furnishings. She scaled down all of her appliances, opting for an under the counter refrigerator and a small stovetop oven. She installed wall racks for shelving and found a space appropriate, 20-inch-square butcher-block island from Ikea. “We got small furniture so the house wouldn’t look so small,” Brenda shares, noting she specifically selected other things like a light granite countertop, white paint for the walls, and bamboo flooring, all to create a more open look. “I’ve never worked with a kitchen so teeny,” Tonya admits, but says it was one of her favorite projects. “Creating a real modern looking kitchen in that small space and being able to give that area a ‘wow factor’ was so much fun!”