Shoppe in Birmingham, Alabama, is a Dream of Holiday Greenery

Shoppe Birmingham store front
Photography by Mac Jamieson

Text by Hannah Jones

Come the holiday season, you’d expect to find your local garden center overflowing with traditional Christmas goods—bright red poinsettias, Christmas roses, lush evergreen wreaths—but at Shoppe in Birmingham, Alabama, you’ll find the classics and so much more as the store becomes awash in the splendor of the season.

Shoppe Birmingham greenhouse
Photography by Mac Jamieson
Shoppe Birmingham
Photography by Mac Jamieson

Owners Mark Thompson and Jay Draper both have a love of gardening and design, having worked for various garden centers over the course of their careers. Owning a store was just a dream until an evening stroll with their dog led them to the current home of their little garden shop—a 1920s bungalow nestled in Birmingham’s Forest Park neighborhood. “We talked about opening a place for a long time, but we never felt like the spot or opportunity was just the right combination,” Mark says. When they saw the charming neighborhood bungalow, they both knew it would work as their garden shop. After a four-month renovation, which included bringing in a greenhouse from England, the two opened the doors in the fall of 2017.