The Best Self-Care: Bring the Outdoors in These 5 Ways

Photography by John O’Hagan, Styling by Christina Brockman

Text by Hannah Jones

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” —Vincent van Gogh

When spring rolls around, it’s like the world comes alive again. Birds chirping, trees blooming, sun shining—everything feels right. This World Health Day, we encourage you to embrace that feeling and practice a little self-care by bringing the outdoors inside your home with these 5 ways.

Get a houseplant.

Photography by @leaves.and.bones on Instagram

Starting with the obvious, a great way to freshen up your space is to add a bit of green. For beginners, start with something easy, like pothos or a snake plant. You can read more about caring for your houseplants here.

Bring in flowers from the garden.

Photography by John O’Hagan, Styling by Christina Brockman

You could always purchase a small bouquet from a grocery store or florist, but there’s something so rewarding about having a vase full of flowers that you grew yourself.

Add a floral accent piece.

Photography by Cullman & Kravis Associates

Floral designs are a staple in our style because they just make a space happy. Whether it’s a pillow or throw or painting or print, add one to your home to bring in a breath of fresh air.

Put some blooming buds in a vase.

Photography by Terrain

Flowers aren’t popping up in your area, yet? No problem! Snap a few branches off a blooming tree and put them in a large vase and watch nature unfold before your eyes.

Open the windows and doors.

Photography by The Inspired Room

You know that feeling when the sun is shining just perfectly through your blinds and everything in the world just feels right? Embrace that feeling! Open your windows and doors and truly let the outdoors in.

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