Don’t Miss It: A Peek Inside Blogger Monica Lavin’s Holiday Home

Photography by Kelli Boyd

While classic greenery is the trademark of Monica’s Christmas décor, she isn’t afraid of branching out in places like the living room. Above the mantel, a grouping of wreaths is a festive focal point for the space. “I kind of just wanted to bring the focus to the actual fireplace and add a little bit of spunk above it, and so, I decided to use varying wreaths of different sizes and different materials,” she says. “So, some are eucalyptus, some are rosemary, some are Carolina Sapphire, and then others are just regular pine.”

Photography by Kelli Boyd

In place of brand-new décor pieces, Monica says that her must-have for the season is definitely greenery. “It’s the best time to bring in the wreaths and the garland,” she says, noting that she used snippets everywhere, from windows to light fixtures to the backs of chairs. “But I also brought in magnolia leaves and things that I just kind of salvaged around the house,” she adds.

A creative at heart, Monica enjoys the Christmas season as a time during which she can flex her artistic muscles. “My favorite part of decorating is just being able to turn on holiday music and pour a glass of Champagne in the evenings and just have that time where I’m being creative,” she says. “Obviously, I love to decorate, and I love that whole creative process, which is why I became a blogger. So, it kind of fulfills that in my heart.”

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