Discover Cottage Charm in Fredericksburg, Texas

See Cottage Charm in Fredericksburg, Texas
Photography Courtesy Claire McCormack Photography

Where to Stay

In addition to popular hotel chains, visitors will find more than 900 guesthouses and bed and breakfasts both in Fredericksburg and in the surrounding Hill Country. Charmed by the town, travelers often return year after year. One Swiss businessman was so enamored with it during a cross-country trip that he never left. Bringing a bit of Switzerland to Texas, Daniel Meyer founded Barons CreekSide and built guest cabins out of material from his own Swiss farmhouse. The picturesque cottage-style property is sure to inspire visitors to slow down and enjoy the tranquil setting.

Fredericksburg Herb Farm, just a few blocks off Main Street, is another place that’s perfect for rest and relaxation. Guests can stay in one of the quaint Sunday Haus Cottages conveniently located by the spa and restaurant. For a unique experience, the 1940s-
inspired Hangar Hotel was built to resemble a World War II–era hangar. This hotel has an event space, a bar, and a diner in addition to comfortable lodging.