Breezy Florida Seaside Cottage

Acting as her own architect, Yvette did long-distance designing, working closely with contractors to make sure every detail was finished to perfection. The Nantucket/Cape Cod-style exterior required for all homes in the neighborhood is painted bright white and has large, two-over-one windows that allow sunlight to illuminate even the innermost spaces.

She also tackled all of the interior decorating as well. “I would call my design style ‘Bohemian Beachy,’” Yvette explains. “I was going for a spa-like feeling, with whitewashed floors and walls to bring nature inside and make you feel like you’re right on the beach.” This skilled seaside artist kept the walls and furnishings in a neutral palette—much like a blank canvas—which allows her to play with colors and accessories freely. The fluid lines and movement visible in her artwork are also evident throughout the cottage, where rooms flow together like the soothing cadence of the ocean’s tide.

The couple, along with their three grown daughters, retreat to this dreamy coastal abode as often as their schedules allow. Friends and family are always welcome, and gatherings usually move from the porches to the beach as the sky brightens with one of the Gulf’s signature sunsets—the masterstroke to this picture-perfect sanctuary. “I feel like I can breathe when I walk in this house,” Yvette says. “It has the feeling of escape, of joy, and happiness. It brings back all the wonderful memories of why we built it.”