Sarah Wiley’s Artistic Lineage Proves She Was Destined for Textiles

Though she was destined to be a creative from birth, it took Sarah Wiley a few years before she found her passion for embroidery and opened her business, Huger Memories.

Sarah Wiley of Huger Memories
Image courtesy of Huger Memories

Don’t mistake Sarah’s creations for your grandmother’s embroidery hoops, though. Each pillow, chair, tea towel, and framed piece she creates is truly a work of art—unique in quality and in design. She makes both custom and non-custom pieces, including anything from dogs to children to photographs of treasured memories.

accent table and hydrangeas
Image courtesy of Huger Memories

One of her more iconic lines features notable men and women of history. “It all started with Iris Apfel,” she shares. “I saw so many other artists share pictures of her, and I decided to make my own design of her and I really loved it.” From there, she didn’t stop. A collection that now includes the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, and more, it has become a staple of her portfolio because it shows not only the beauty of her pieces but also her attention to intricate detail. Sarah crafts uniquely beautiful portraits of the famous figures and carefully selects fabrics to match their personalities. She’s sure to make every pillow a piece the icon would love.

Nowadays, she delights in creating children’s portraits. She even has a rendering of her family from her sister’s christening that still hangs in her house. As far as she’s come, it provides the perfect reminder of the young artist she started out as.

You can find Sarah’s collections on her website,

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