Rolling Pins

Worth Collecting

The rolling pin is one of the oldest kitchen tools around. Historians say it is depicted in drawings by the Etruscans—that’s long before it was mass-produced in the early 19th century.

Today collections of pins are popular wall art for kitchens. In the photo above, rolling pins are attached to bead board and framed to hang. The oldest in this collection are hand-carved from one piece of wood. All the handles vary in shape depending on the designer and the use of the rolling pin. This collector and her husband enjoy finding pins while traveling. Once home, the rolling pins are displayed in the kitchen, but are still accessible and ready to roll.

Style Idea

Hand-forged hooks created by a blacksmith provide an easy and stylish way to display a collection of rolling pins. Variations of the hook styles create interest while the iron lends continuity to the display.