Farmhouse-Meets-Nautical In This Dreamy Riverside Cottage

We need a weekend in this adorable home.

river cottage entry way

Melanie says that as an interior designer, Judy continually edits her space, but the idea in the redo was to add fresh color and contemporary accents to the furnishings on the main floor. “We worked in cerulean blue, lime green, and cantaloupe orange,” says Melanie of the lively tropical hues incorporated throughout the cottage, from wall paint in the galley kitchen to the mélange of accent pillows scattered about the living room.

The furniture is an eclectic mix with a touch of whimsy, reflecting Melanie and Judy’s love of antiquing and thrift-store shopping in the area on weekends. The rustic farm table is one such find.

river cottage dining room

By contrast, the molded plastic chairs that pull up to it are Mid-Century modern in style—and wet bathing suit friendly. “It’s a summer home. We didn’t want to fuss with things. Everything had to be easy and inviting,” Judy says of the casual furnishings.

river cottage bedroom
Photography by Helen Norman

Each of the home’s four bedrooms has a bed and breakfast feel, with layered bedding, a place to put a suitcase, soft lighting, and stunning water views. “When Judy and Dusty go down there, they never sleep in the same bedroom,” says Melanie. “They go, ‘this week we’re going to sleep in the red room—or maybe the blue room.’”

Not surprisingly, Melanie still spends of a lot of time at the Rhodes cottage. “All my friends want to check out Judy’s house when they come to visit me,” she says with a laugh.

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