Revived Bermuda Retreat

Revived Bermuda Retreat

Text by Linda Wright | Photography by Jim Bathie and Two & Quarter Photography

An American couple traveled to Bermuda for years, enjoying the islands while actively looking for the perfect retreat for four grown children and a large extended family.

Known for its pink sand beaches and clear, cerulean ocean waters, the island of Bermuda is an ideal spot for vacationers across the globe. So after years of holiday travels to the beautiful British territory, an American family decided it was time to find a more permanent residence on the island. When the couple first spotted this property, dubbed “Castle Point,” it had been suffering from neglect both inside and out since the 1980s, but that did not deter them. The family hired OBMI, a local architectural firm. Colin Campbell of OBMI shares, “We were challenged to create a retreat for the family that could be intimate when it was just the two of them or work well with all four children, spouses, and guests.”

For the exterior of the home, concrete block was chosen. Michele Smith of OBMI explained it is a popular material for island building because of its strength and longevity. After the concrete blocks are in place they are covered with two layers of plaster applied in a traditional fashion. Then the building is painted with a cement wash. As the wash ages it takes on a patina that requires minimal upkeep and blends with the landscape.

Minimal upkeep was also considered when planning the grounds and hardscape. Native plants were used throughout the property. The road to the house is drivable grass planted between the antique cobblestones. The ground can absorb the rainwater thereby lessening runoff. The back terrace was also created with cement and concrete.

As in most homes the kitchen is the heart. The color scheme of blue and white is inspired by the sea and sky of the island. Pale blue cabinets rest against the white walls, but the seating and large cupboard are each painted more intense blues. The cupboard is a coffee station ready in wait for the homeowners and guests. The island’s warm wood tones offset the painted blues. The kitchen banquette provides additional seating and a perfect harbor view. For chilly evenings there’s even a fireplace to warm you.