Replanting and Replenishing


Boxwoods line the brick path that follows a graceful curve to the smilax-framed front door. Sun-and heat-tolerant Kimberly Queen ferns flank the front door. The small patch of lawn on the right is the only grass in the garden. “Years ago, I knew I wouldn’t have help with the garden—my husband doesn’t do yard work,” she explains. “Since I wanted to have something blooming all the time, I bought all these fabulous urns at estate sales. My plan was to get the yard looking good, and then I would just put plants in the pots.” Executing the first part of her plan—getting the yard looking good—proved to be more of a challenge than she had anticipated, however. Two years after the Montgomerys moved in, fierce straight-line winds uprooted ancient oaks, bringing mature trees crashing down. The Montgomery yard was hit hard, with nine big pines destroyed. It took a year to clean up the mess, and when it was over, Rhonda was faced with a drastically different environment to work with since so many trees were gone.