Replanting and Replenishing


Rhonda comes by her love of gardening naturally. Following in her father’s
footsteps, Rhonda has filled the back yard with azaleas in hues of pink, white, and red. Her grandparents on both sides of the family were avid gardeners. “Every Sunday we went to see both sets of grandparents, and the last thing we’d do was walk around the garden. I’d always come home with a bouquet,” she recalls. Her father planted the corner lot of their home with irises, peonies, and 400 azaleas. “They called him the Azalea Baron,” she says. “People think I live in the yard,” Rhonda exclaims, “and I do! I’m as happy as a clam out there. I tell my husband, ‘You are so lucky to have a wife who only needs pine straw and cow manure to be happy!’”