These Renovated Airstreams Will Inspire Your Next Road Trip

Photography by Sheena Armstrong, Mavis the Airstream

Text by Bethany Adams

With their unmistakable design and unending potential for personalization, there’s a reason Airstream travel trailers are so iconic and a favorite choice of those looking to take their lives on the open road. If you’re not already dreaming of the perfect summer road trip, these renovated showstoppers on wheels will have you packing your things and plotting the most scenic routes across the country.

Farmhouse Functional

Photography by Sheena Armstrong, Mavis the Airstream

This beauty does neutral farmhouse vibes right! All-white cabinets with warm wood countertops keep things both airy and cozy, keeping the focus on all those sweet details. When navigating concerns like weight and awkward wall shapes, peel-and-stick wallpaper is a quick and cost-effective alternative to shiplap, and that texture is the perfect backdrop for rustic touches and splashes of greenery.

Set for the Summer

Photography by @landontroymcafee on Instagram

Ready for summer adventures? This cute camper is, too! A retro theme helps vintage décor and bold strokes of color pop in the most fun way, making it the perfect place to hang out all season long!

Mural on Wheels

Photography by Argosy Odyssey

We’re all about those interior renovations, but this beauty definitely deserves a place on the list! Displaying your adventures on your Airstream sounds like a fantastic idea to us, and this camper gets an A+ for execution!

Boho Beauty

Photography by Essentially Streaming

Nothing encapsulates the freedom of the open road better than a dash of boho style! A miniature basket wall adds charm to a hard-to-fill space, and colorful pillows—including a funky crocheted cactus—are perfect for softening that futuristic chrome finish.

Cool and Contrasted

Photography by Tiny Shiny Home

We’re loving the juxtaposition of contemporary chrome and natural elements in this space! Stained wood panels inject much-needed warmth, but it’s the floral print on the curtains and the sweet bird motif that really caught our eye!

Global Glam

Photography by Hopscotch the Globe

Layered textures and patterns really add richness to this bright-white background, and the burnt orange cushion covers are the perfect splash of color! Woven bags and baskets add to the layered look while contributing necessary storage—and they’re almost as cute as that furry friend!

Pastel Pretty

Photography by Dueling Journeys

Sweet, summery style fills this space from top to bottom, from honeycomb-esque wallpaper to sunny pillows that make lounging in that afternoon sun even comfier. A plant wall is a wonderful way to take advantage of windows that let in light throughout the whole space while keeping countertops and tables clear, preserving plenty of room for a cup of tea and a stack of books.

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