Ready for Spring? Then You’ll Love These Indoor Winter Floral Ideas!

A beige-and-white vase with spring branches.
Image by Terrain

Text by Holly Seng and Tovah Martin

As we navigate the dreary depths of winter, we could all use a little hope of spring—and with it, the promise of blossoming beauty signaling nature’s highly anticipated awakening. Experience floral artistry and sweet scents ahead of schedule by bringing bulbs and branches indoors. Tovah Martin, author of numerous gardening books and articles, shares a few of her favorite ways to brighten interiors while warding off winter blues.

Fragrant & Refined

A trio of potted freesias on a table next to the window.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

Graceful blossoms emitting an alluring aroma of vanilla, gumdrop, and cinnamon essence make freesias a delight for the senses. Available in a vast spectrum ranging from cream and pale yellow to lavender and pink, enjoy freesias during winter with these tips.

A zoomed in shot of a purple-and-white freesia bloom.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

The Butterfly of Winter

A potted amaryllis on a windowsill.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

Amaryllises are just the antidote to the blustery winds and chilling winter temps that are prevalent beyond the walls of your cozy cottage. From their bodacious blooms to magnificent color, Tovah shares four ways amaryllis plants brighten a winter windowsill.

A pink amaryllis and yellow flowers on a table in front of the window.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

Branching Out

A close-up of blooms on a forced branch.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

An accidental discovery made centuries ago, forced branches are a tradition sure to put a spring in your step—and cottage, too. Glean insight on how to give this DIY project a try with these helpful tips.

A small pewter vase with branches in front of a windowsill with a cat.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

Winter’s Warriors

Snowdrops in a glass stand and cloche.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

Sometimes referred to as February fair maids or perce-neige (snow piercers), these white bloomers known as snowdrops serve as the first subtle hint of winter’s retreat. Read more and discover how these bulbs battle frigid temps.

Snowdrops in a small glass figurine.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

Spring-like Splendor

A pair of pink hyacinth bulbs.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

With pale petals that blush into deeper shades and a muted fragrance that evolves into a captivating aroma, hyacinths start off slow yet deliver spring in all its magnificent glory. Tovah shares more about these beautiful blooms, whose low maintenance makes them an excellent choice for all.

Blue and white hyacinth bulbs in blue and white glass vases on a windowsill.
Photography by Kindra Clineff

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