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Celebrity florist Fleur McHarg shows how to create floral designs for every occasion and provides inspiration for a life with flowers.

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Text by Emmy Hobbs

The Flower Expert coverIn Fleur McHarg’s new book, The Flower Expert, she brings forth over 25 years of experience and indispensable insight into creating unique floral arrangements for every kind of occasion. McHarg, the flower expert and one of the most in-demand florists in Australia, takes you through the journey of how breathtaking floral displays are created. With over 200 pages beaming with unique and beautiful blooms, this book is one you won’t want to put down. Whether you are a novice or an expert when it comes to arrangements, you’ll gain new insights on the philosophy behind flowers.

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You will learn all there is to know about crafting the perfect floral arrangement, from selecting the base flowers to blending the colors for a showstopping display. Through McHarg’s guidance and color inspiration, you will master the art of showcasing blossoms for an amazing impact. McHarg walks you through 25 of her favorite flowers, from peonies to daphnes, and offers tips on why certain arrangements work but others don’t. She also reveals her favorite flowers to use for every day of the week as well as for special occasions. The Flower Expert is a stunning celebration of color and the artistry behind creating a unique and beautiful flower arrangement.

Image courtesy of The Flower Expert

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