Read ‘She Sheds: A Room of Your Own’

She Sheds

She sheds, or the female equivalent of the man cave, are the star of Erika Kotite’s book. For those who don’t know what a “she shed” is, it is a private space for a woman that is usually a separate structure. These separate buildings are the size of a storage shed and are typically built in the backyard.

She ShedsShe Sheds: A Room of Your Own describes these small space wonders and the purpose of having them. In each chapter, Erika outlines different activities to do inside the “hen huts” or she sheds.

“The beauty of a shed is its small footprint, making it easy to fit onto your property and still afford a unique getaway for your creative pursuits—gardening, meditating, reading, painting, or simply hearing yourself think,” Erika explains.

Within the pages of Erika’s book, you will find various she sheds teaming with cottage style inspiration along with the story behind each shed—why it was built, the designer, the location, whether it was made from a kit, the size, how long it took to build it, and the cost. These style tidbits are often accompanied by builder’s notes, elements of style, or the owner’s favorite aspects of her she shed.