Peek Inside This Thatched-Roof California Cottage

vintage kitchen renovation
Styling By Sunday Hendrickson, Photography By Mark Lohman

By Hannah Jones

When Annalisa Valenza and her husband were searching for a home along the California coastline in San Diego, they had a few must-haves on their house-hunting list, but at the very top was a fixer-upper right beside the water. Their 1930s English-style cottage fit the bill almost perfectly, sans ocean views, but the couple was willing to make the sacrifice for the charming retreat.

garden gate entry to thatched roof cottage
Styling By Sunday Hendrickson, Photography By Mark Lohman

“My husband fell in love with this home because of the thatched roof,” Annalisa remembers. “Everybody in the neighborhood called it the Hansel and Gretel house because that’s exactly what it looks like.” Walking along original brick pavers through the red gate is like walking into a fairy tale. After moving in, Annalisa sought help from a landscaper to keep the home true to style with an English tea garden.

period-style living room
Styling By Sunday Hendrickson, Photography By Mark Lohman

Their landscaper was the only outside help the couple used for the home, though—they designed and renovated their little fixer-upper completely on their own. While her husband is a general contractor, Annalisa had no professional experience as a designer at that time, but she knew exactly what she wanted: shabby chic vintage with her own unique twist. “When I was researching vintage and shabby chic style for this home, there were so many floral prints that had been done so many times,” she says. “I wanted something different. I wanted the same look with not as much floral print.”