Peek Inside Our Southern Cottage Special Issue

Back by popular demand!

Timeless Appeal

living room
Photography by Jim Bathie

Homeowners Stacy and Joe Borocz share an affinity for just about anything that combines European history with everyday objects. In fact, through etúHOME, their company based in Atlanta, Georgia, they frequently explore the outdoor markets and curio shops of the United Kingdom, France, and other European countries for accessories and furnishings that exemplify the quintessential Continental lifestyle.

Finding the Silver Lining

English-style master bedroom
Photography by Marcy Black Simpson

Though the story of the stately English Tudor home that Shannon Murphy and her husband, Steve Bakir, share with their three children begins with a sad tale—the original house was damaged by fire after it was struck by lightning—the new and improved version stands as a testament to the good that can come from a bad event.

All in the Family

blue and white plate arrangement
Photography by William Dickey

Even though the Midkiffs had gutted the kitchens in their last four homes, this time was different. “We were looking for a house that would fit our family needs but did not require a lot of improvements. Yet, we wanted one we could put our mark on,” Tobie Midkiff says. And they found one—a 1930s classic with beautiful bones.