Furnishing Outdoor Spaces Like Garden Rooms

Photography by Sarah Arrington

Furnished with flowering vines, evergreen shrubs, and well-placed containers, outdoor spaces become intimate, welcoming rooms that are as perfect for parties as they are for tranquil relaxation.

Inspired by country villas in Italy and France’s Provence region, the garden rooms of this lovely stucco home start with the architectural elements—a terrace off the dining room, a covered walk along the front of the house, a wall enclosing the backyard. Vines and shrubs soften these features and ease the transition into the outdoor living areas. 

The garden rooms expand the home’s entertaining space by drawing guests out to the terraces, loggia, and courtyard, where ivy-clad walls and neat rectangles of lawn create a feeling of privacy and intimacy. Focal points, such as a wrought-iron table on the terrace and a fountain framed by towering arborvitae trees, anchor the rooms and create a sense of destination. Vines and shrubs offer fragrance as well as color and texture. Roses and jasmine clothe the pergola, and rosemary hedges flank the terrace, filling the air with intoxicating perfumes. 

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