An Oceanside Garden Decked with Dahlias

Artist Sus Miller paints in her garden by the sea
Photography by Kindra Clineff

Meanwhile, the dahlias have become the muse to inspire Sus’s watercolors. She consulted her inner artist to select hues that complement the vast ocean panorama. But her dahlias serve a dual function. The shades she selected also combine with her Oriental carpets indoors. By working in the red, orange, coral, white, pink, and honeydew realm with a few deep purples tossed in for good measure, she covers all the bases. She finds the ball-like configuration of pom-poms to be particularly endearing, but they defy her attempts to fit their form gracefully into bouquets. Although the vase life for dahlias is only four to six days, with a ready bounty at her fingertips, Sus can refresh the arrangements continually.