You Might Recognize This Artist’s Work From Neiman Marcus’ Home Décor Department

mini stockings used in gift wrap
Photography by John O’Hagan

The artist is quick to admit that her creative process is a bit messy. After the client requests the color they would like for stockings and other custom pieces, Rebecca starts with the patina of the trims, then pieces them together. She doesn’t like to match perfectly, with small texture differences being a trademark of her pieces. Each one can take anywhere from two to 20 hours to create. But in the end, her attention to detail and time-consuming perfectionism pay off with the most beautiful creations. “I can’t let anything go to the seamstress until I’ve found the perfect pieces and composed the perfect design,” she admits. “There’s such a difference from using old, real materials compared to the synthetic materials that flood our market today.”

green and silver stockings with gold trim
Photography by John O’Hagan
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