You Might Recognize This Artist’s Work From Neiman Marcus’ Home Décor Department

mini stockings as ornaments
Photography by John O’Hagan

Text by Hannah Jones, Styling by Kim Chiselko

A self-proclaimed “dysfunctional perfectionist,” artist Rebecca Vizard takes great care in everything she does, especially her creative works. Designing pillows, ornaments, stockings, and more at her family’s plantation in Louisiana, Rebecca comes up with truly unique pieces made from luxurious textiles sourced from all around the world.

Rebecca Vizard
Photography by John O’Hagan

Rebecca started sewing at just 5 years old, and her skills have only flourished since then. “It was Easter morning, and my grandmother was trying to keep me occupied while everyone was getting dressed for church,” she recalls. “She taught me to sew buttons onto a dish towel, and when I stood up, I had sewn the towel and buttons to my Easter dress.” From her first foray, she was hooked. “I loved that zen feeling of concentration as I was stitching.”

Her love for textile design led her to pursue a degree in art and communications at Tulane University. Rebecca soon found herself with a career in interior design but was eventually drawn back to sewing—especially when finding the perfect pillows proved to be the most time-consuming part of the design process. Rebecca decided to pick up her needle and thread to solve the problem herself. “In the beginning, I only made these one of a kind pillows for my clients. Before long, the pillows became my main focus and I had sold to Neiman Marcus,” she says.

mini green sticking on place setting
Photography by John O’Hagan

Once she found her niche, she soon began expanding her business. She used antique vestment trim for her pillows but often discarded the vintage fabrics because they were too bright or distressed to use as a pillow. “One day, I was looking at a stack of these red, gold, silver, blue, and green jewel tone materials and realized they were all colors of Christmas,” she recalls. “Because they were usually distressed in areas, I couldn’t get large pieces from the scraps, so I started making the small Christmas stocking ornaments.” It was only a matter of time before her clients began requesting large stockings, and naturally, Rebecca obliged.