A Must-Have Guide to Restoring Reclaimed Materials

Text by Emmy Carswell

Author, interior designer, and stylist Joanne Palmisano knows a thing or two about renovating and repurposing. In her book, Styling with Salvage, Joanne lets us in on her tools, knowledge, and must-have guide to restoring reclaimed materials for every room in the house.

Brimming with beautiful photography and how-to projects, this book offers inspiration to flea market hunters everywhere. No matter what type of salvage style you are interested in, Joanne has you covered. She’s even included tips for easy transformations like refinishing antique dressers into bedside tables, finding and purchasing reclaimed wood to be reused, and displaying a collection of antiques in a new and modern way—this book leaves nothing behind.

bathroom with green antique door and stained glass
Photography by Susan Teare

With over 200 pages, Styling with Salvage is chock-full of ways to rethink your space by turning old pieces into beautiful décor that tells a story. Creating a home full of treasured pieces is at the heart of this inspired book, as Joanne highlights fresh ideas about how repurposed and vintage materials can be used in new ways. Her creative touch and unique talent for blending heirloom and contemporary accents shines through on every page.

Styling with Salvage book cover

This book delves into the importance and fun of salvage furnishings and materials in a way that celebrates the past while adding style to the present. And with an entire chapter dedicated to the joy of the search, you’ll find dozens of helpful tips and tricks for designing a space with salvage finds in mind. Some of our favorite salvage shopping tips include carrying a tape measure on all shopping endeavors, being open to new inspiration, asking questions before you begin and as you shop, taking measurements of your space so you’ll be prepared to select just the right size of purchase, and, of course, practice makes perfect. Plus, remember the fact that the hunt should be a fun experience!

dining room with floral centerpiece
Photography by Susan Teare
open shelving and red flowers
Photography by Susan Teare

If you are the type of person who can’t walk by an antiques shop without going in or if you’re the person searching for ways to decorate in a more sustainable and mindful way, this book is for you! Joanne’s thoughtful, creative ideas are sure to help change the way you think about your space and how you decorate.