This Minnesota Wood-Carver’s Custom Creations Bring Warmth and Character to Homes

A set of chisels surrounding a carved piece of wood.
Photography Courtesy of Erik Wyckoff

Text by Holly Seng

Curved chisels, a small mallet, and ancient techniques learned from a European master wood-carver are the secrets behind Erik Wyckoff’s one-of-a-kind wooden works of art. Ranging from mantels and doors to family crests and all varieties of furniture, Erik’s pieces are made to order and hand-carved in his backyard shop.

A wooden door with a carved grapevine design.
Photography Courtesy of Erik Wyckoff

“I learned the traditional techniques of carving decorative leaves, flowers, birds, and grapes from an old wood-carver from Greece,” Erik says. Each piece starts with thick, solid wood that he transforms into intricately detailed designs. Tuscan, Tudor, French, and rustic only name a few of the diverse styles in his repertoire.

A portrait of Erik Wyckoff in his wood-carving studio.
Photography Courtesy of Erik Wyckoff

Erik, who has been in business since 1996, creates three original designs for his clients to choose from based on their inspiration and vision for the project. After working with builders and cabinet shops remotely for the last 15 years, he has ample experience in shipping his work nationwide.

A mantel with detailed carving of birds.
Photography Courtesy of Erik Wyckoff

“I love meeting the wide variety of people I work for and hearing their ideas to create a new family heirloom,” Erik says. Crafting pieces tailored to authentically fit each client’s home, he shares his skills for timeless treasures sure to be enjoyed by many generations.

A wine cellar with a carved dresser and wall ornament.
Photography Courtesy of Erik Wyckoff

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