Meet the Artist Behind These Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

Her paintings can take weeks to create. “I have to determine how to recreate the lighting, the shadows, decide if I want to include everything in the scene,” she explains. “It goes around in my head for weeks until I finally start.” Sue has recently been captivated by the flowers from her own garden. She finds one subject she enjoys painting and then exhausts it until she is ready to move on to the next, creating what she calls “an unintentional series.”

Watercolor Painting
Photography by William Dickey / Styling by Yukie McLean

Sue’s art is a wonderful story of rediscovery—a young girl with a love of art who didn’t think she was good enough finally finding success in her passion. Sue says she was encouraged to keep painting because her art is a way of expressing herself. She hopes her story will inspire others to seek their joy. “Often times it is your own attitude or your own feelings about yourself,” she says. “You don’t realize that you have a gift, and you have been given that gift for a reason. It is a part of you and a way to express feelings that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to.” Through her paintings, Sue’s voice is sure to be heard loud and clear.

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