Glistening Glass Gifts

Glass Artist


At Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio, located in Boston, Massachusetts, the process begins by shoveling 50 to 100 pounds of pre-melted cubes of glass into the 2,100-degree furnace to melt overnight. Once the glass reaches the proper temperature, the team is ready to begin creating their designs, which range from high end, one-of-a-kind art pieces to affordable and easily accessible ornaments and tableware.

When they pull the molten glass out of the furnace using a blowpipe, the consistency is similar to honey being picked up with a honey dipper. And as it starts to cool, the glass slightly stiffens, allowing the artist to blow a bubble into the piece or separate it into multiple pieces. But it’s not that easy. Not only is it incredibly expensive, glass blowing takes years to get good at it. “Every minute in a glass studio is like being in a recording studio,” Luke says. “There’s a different kind of pressure to make something that someone is going to pay money for from the minute you start.” And it’s that pressure combined with passion that drives Luke and his team to refine their line of beautiful glasswork.